Fonkystones in english

Mosaic in a unique way.

(photo: Sander van der Torren.)

"Fonkystones is combining the charm of mosaic and the looks of graphic art."

This is Fonkystones
Graphic artist Fons Heijne is able to draw out a design and then create intricate mosaics using ceramic tiles, inspired by graphic lines, shapes and patterns. To accomplish this, he cuts the tiles with precision, and places them delicately into the design, piece by piece, becoming a true work of art. This technique, developed by Fons, is a unique combination of graphic design and mosaic.
It’s called Fonkystones, design mosaic.

"Unique, artful and handcrafted. Design mosaic with unprecedented possibilities."

Picture book
Please check out this website or watch the video below for all the exciting examples of my design mosaic.
More Fonkystones
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"People tend to look at a mosaic longer than at an ordinary sign."